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Here at Filtersource, Inc. we carry only the best! Viledon PA560 G-10 is the Finest Ceiling Diffusion Filter Media Money Can Buy! Viledon PA560 G-10 is the standard that all other medias are compared to. Practically every auto assembly plant in North America uses Viledon PA560 G-10. Now you can have the same technology working for you.

Viledon consistently produces the cleanest air and gives you consistent, trouble free finishes. Viledon bathes the paint target with clean air that eliminates any visible particles that could create a surface inperfection. Viledon is also produced to withstand the high temperatures used to cure todays finishes with no discoloration or dry out that can cause particle issues with other filter medias. We went online to compare the three leading ceiling filter medias and took the information provided by the manufacturers themselves. Viledon is clearly the best.

Here are the results:

Viledon PA560 G-10 : Particle Efficiency at 5 Microns - 99%+ Resistance @ 100fpm - .22wg Arrestance - 99% Filtrair FF
560 GX : Particle Efficiency at 5 Microns - 90% Resistance @ 100fpm - .21wg Arrestance - 96%
Filtrair CC 600G : Particle Efficiency at 5 Microns - 97% Resistance @ 100fpm - .21wg Arrestance - 99%
Filtrair CC 660G : Particle Efficiency at 5 Microns - 98% Resistance @ 100fpm - .44wg Arrestance - 99%
Speritex 665HT : Particle Efficiency at 5 Microns - N/A Arrestance - 99%

It doesn't take an expert to see that Viledon PA560 G-10 out performs it's competitors in efficiency at 5 microns, arrestance, and has low resistance to air flow at 100 feet per minute. You'd have to buy Filtrair's top of the line expensive media to get comparable efficiency. But then, you'd have double the resistance to air flow causing your booth to consume more energy to move the same amount of air. If you don't buy Filtrair's best grade, you just don't have the particle efficiency of Viledon. Once you catch the dirt you have to hold it, and Viledon has the best Arrestance numbers in the business. These values are available at each manufacturer's website. Filtersource, Inc. knows you deserve the facts!

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